Xuancheng City is a national demonstration zone undertaking Industrial Transfer, which located in the southeast of Anhui. As the home of Four Treasures of the Study, the national tourist city and one of the kernel regions of Hui Culture, it radiates great energy in its own development. It consists of Xuanzhou District, Ningguo City and five counties: Langxi, Guangde, Jixi, Jingxian and Jingde, having an area of 12,340 square kilometers and a population of 2.75 million
Green Urban District
Wanxi River
Yangtze Alligator La...
Xuancheng is well known as a southeast gate of Anhui. According to schedule, it will be initially built into a central city at the convergence of Anhui, Jiangsu and Zhejiang during the 12th Five-Year period.....
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